Color Variations

All our products contain 100% U.S.A. genuine cattle leather.  As with all natural products, color variations will occur.  We will try our best to match the variations in the leather when multiple pieces are ordered in one order, however, we cannot guarantee an exact match between the pieces.


We get all our leather pre-dyed from the factory to reduce the variations in color, however, natural materials like leather absorb dyes differently and you may see color variations within one hide.  If you are particular on matching color between products or from one year to the next, please order the black leather, as there is more consistency.

Cattle Brands

All our products contain 100% U.S.A. genuine cattle leather.  Branding is a common occurrence with cattle in the United States and may be present in the hides we use.  It is not uncommon for us to include a brand or part of the brand in one of our products to add a little “character” to our products. All products that include branded hide material are double checked for flaws within the brand before being sold.