Just wanted to let you know that I got the holsters today and they are everything I hoped they would be. Fit is excellent and they look amazing. I'm glad I ordered a belt slightly bigger, works great over my normal belt and the holsters hang in the perfect spot for how I shoot cowboy action. Thank you so much for all the work you put into them. I will definitely be referring people to you and handing out the cards you sent. 
Thanks again, 
Jesse E.

Received my holster/belt today.  It's perfect!  Thank you.  Excellent leather quality, way softer than what I've got for another of my single actions, and I love that I can put a different holster on the same bandito belt.  I'll be ordering a few holsters to fit other guns on the same belt...


I just want to thank you for filling my order so soon. The product is the best I have ever seen. It fits my large Body very well and will be comfortable to carry such a large frame revolver. Excellent workmanship and very high quality.  You will have my business in the future.   
Mike B.

Was great meeting you at the deer and turkey expo back in March here in Columus. I finally ordered your shoulder rig for my 454 Ruger. I love it!  Excellent quality and it got here much faster than I expected. 
Mark B.

I just received my two belt hand holsters. Thank You

They are awesome both revolvers fit like gloves into the holsters

 Really great Quality with them both. 

I let those inquiring minds know about your product line....

Again thank you again

Michael P 

Thank You again for the holsters you made for my husband, Stan, and I. They are working out great. I used mine for my black powder pistol….

Stan & Alecia

I received the Bandito holster, belt and ammo loop for my Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull. I was surprised but pleased that I received it this soon. I just wanted you to know, as a perfectionist myself, I am completely satisfied with the rig. It fits perfect, looks great and even the ammo loops were sized correctly with the exact fit consistently on every loop. Great job. 

Jerry B.

Thanks again! 

I always brag your holsters up to everyone I talk to and tell everyone on S&W Forum about how nice they are!

M. White

…You guys have the best holsters on the market in my opinion. 

J. Green

… I just received my holster rig for my S&W 500 today.

As always a perfect fit, fits likes it was made for it.

I want to thank for getting it out in record time also….

Christopher M., Granby, Connecticut

I am sorry to hear about the postponement of the show {Eastern Sports & Outdoor show, Harrisburg, PA}. That really sucks, for what I know, will be scores of people, and companies. Could you please direct me , to your company information? I would be interested in doing as much business as I can with your outfit. I would also like to promote your gear, to as many of my friends and associates, as I can.

Again, my regrets,

Skip B., Orlando, FL.

I really love this product, it is easy to use and carry. My husband and I bought the Bandito harness to put over our shoulders, we ride ATV’s and get ourselves way in the wildernes and it is nice to be able to carry a gun for emergencies. They are very comfortable to wear and the gun does not move around much at all. This is a good product for I have warn the holster and gun on my belt and I think the gun gets in the way as you are riding ATV’s plus I feel it is more bulkier. As for the females it is easier to wear when Mother Nature calls you do not have to take the gun and holster off your belt to go, you just leave it on you. I like having the harness for we have several pistols and depending on my mood for the day I can easily switch out the holsters to carry whatever gun I pick.

JoRae B., Utah

I received my holster exactly when you said I would and one day before deer season. This holster is awesome! It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s perfect to carry my long barreled 44 mag in. I will be telling everyone I know to check you guys out. Thank you for the holster and your tremendous customer service.

Paul P., St. Charles Missouri

I wanted to let you know I’ve just received my Holster, Shoulder Belt and Cartridge Loops and I’m very pleased with the expedient service you offer, you actually made my custom rig and shipped it to me under the estimated time.

I’m also happy with the quality and workmanship Shamrock Holsters provided me. The Holster fitment on my scoped weapon is precise and protective just as you stated.

The Bandito Shoulder Belt with Cartridge Loops is a great compliment to the Holster I also like the fact that I can wear the Holster as a sidearm on a waist belt.

The leather is top of the line and will give me years of service. I like the fact that I can add other custom fit Holsters to the same Shoulder Belt as needed.

I’m always looking for quality and fair priced products and I found it with Shamrock Holsters. I’ll spread the word to my friends and I will be purchasing additional projects from you in the future.

Christopher M., Granby, Connecticut

…dropping you a line to say I received my Holster and Bandolier. Fits like a glove on my TC Encore. Thank you very much. I will definately hand your business cards out to anyone looking for a quality holster!! Thanks again.

P. Rough

Just wanted to thank you for the holster. It fits perfect. Looks great and I am very impressed.

N. Miller

I just purchased a holster with belt for my ruger revolver. Love the handcrafted design on the belt and holster. Will recommend you to all my friends or anyone looking for an authentic and beautiful western wear.  Thank you very much. Look forward to doing business with you again.

D. Church

Thank you, I received my holster today. It is really comfortable and ergonomic with hardly any difference in the feel when loaded with gun and ammo. Good weight distribution.

M. Buccilli

Thank you guys for providing such a quality product. The custom made holster was of top quality and craftsmanship. The pistol was a perfect fit in the holster. The Bandito harness and custom holster made carrying my side arm an ease in the woods. Thanks again for providing me with a set up that definitely compliments my hunting excursions.



I am the guy with the Competitor pistol that you made a holster for. Might I add that it is perfect! Again, great job, I am extremely pleased with your product.

M. Miller

This year at the state fair grounds in Massachusetts I bought a large framed pistol hunting case for my Ruger 480 cal with a 10 inch barrel. I installed it on my back pack on the front left strap and it hangs absolutely perfect! Once again, Thanks.

Don C., Massachusetts

I got my holster and I am very happy with the product. It holds my TC very good, better then good. Later I am able to order a different caliber bullet loop for it.

S. Neville

I just got back from the gun show in Rapid City South Dakota and went 4-wheeling in the Black Hills with my Bandito Shoulder Belt and holster that from you earlier that day. This is a top quality shoulder belt and holster. I have never worn one that is so comfortable, you don’t even realize that you are wearing it. My Ruger Vaquero fits perfectly in the holster and the shoulder belt is comfortable, what more can you ask? Definitely will be purchasing my next holster from you! Thank you.

Rick G., Hill City SD

I received my holster yesterday and was pleasantly surprised as I thought it would take longer to get. All I can say is awesome! It fits my gun great and the quality looks like it would last a lifetime. Thanks again until my next purchase. My dad has a Browning Buckmark with a scope on it and he will be getting a holster from you as well.

C. Floyd