Composed of genuine 6oz USA cattle leather and a soft hook and loop strap, the Ankle Holster Pad is designed to provide a more natural and comfortable way to carry your gun.  Superior to other systems on the market, our Ankle Holster Pad allows you to interchange multiple guns to fit your carry needs.  

The single layer extra large ankle pad wraps around your ankle, conforming to your natural body lines, providing for a more relaxed carry.  Our light weight, simplified construction will allow you to conceal carry all day.  The adjustable hook and loop strap is extra long allowing you to place the pad in the perfect location for your needs.

The Ankle Holster Pad works best with either our Magnetic holster or the Packer holster, depending on your activity level and retention needs (holsters sold separately).   

***Please see our Disclaimer page for additional information on natural leather products.***

Material The Ankle Holster Pad is comprised of a 6oz genuine USA cattle leather and a soft hook and loop strap that wraps around your leg. Light weight and durable construction will allow for continuous use.
Retention The soft hook and loop strap wraps around your leg and attaches back on itself.
Carry Position Designed to be worn around your ankle, our pad comes in both left and right handed carries which will allow you to carry the gun on either leg and inside or outside your leg. All hand guns are held in a vertical carry position allowing for a more smooth draw and more concealable placement.
Fitting Guide
Sizing One size fits most; all ankle straps are 20" long allowing you to cut the straps to fit your exact needs.

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Ankle Holster Pad

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