Composed of genuine 6oz USA cattle leather, the Rifle Buttstock Cover is designed to provide a more convenient way to carry a couple extra rounds.  With a single layer of leather, the Rifle Buttstock Cover takes on a more natural and comfortable way to carry a few extra rounds without sacrificing your aim.  Superior to other systems on the market, our lace style pad allows you to tighten your cover around a variety of different rifle or shotgun buttstocks.  Our Mini Ammunition Loops (sold separately) are also affixed with 4 Chicago screws (included) allowing you to change the Rifle Buttstock Cover between guns or remove the ammunition all together if you prefer.   

The Rifle Buttstock Cover comes with a suede pad to provide an extra layer of protection around the attachment area of the Mini Ammunition Loops. 

***Please see our Disclaimer page for additional information on natural leather products.***

Material The Rifle Buttstock Cover is comprised of a 6oz genuine USA cattle leather with a natural leather lacing.
Retention The Rifle Buttstock Cover is designed to cover and conform around the buttstock of most rifles and shotguns. The natural leather lace allows you to tighten the cover to your unique stock.
Carry Position Universally designed to cover the buttstock of most rifles and shotguns, for right or left handed shooters.
Fitting Guide
Sizing With a lace up style attachment, you can choose which degree of retention is perfect for your stock. The pad allows room for stocks with cheek plates, either right or left handed.

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Rifle Buttstock Cover

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