Composed of genuine USA cattle leather, the Ruger Charger holsters are built with two layers of leather.  The holsters consist of a durable leather exterior, and a soft suede interior.  This construction provides for an increased protection for your gun from all elements of the weather and general wear.  The wide belt loop features two heavy duty directional safety snaps for added security.

Like the Savage Striker pistol, the Ruger Charger is more evenly weight distributed allowing for us to leave the scope uncovered.  We do offer a covered scope option if you would like to protect your scope, which is constructed with the same principles.

This holster ONLY accommodates the Ruger Charger with the factory clip and will NOT work with the banana clips.  If you would like to carry more ammunition and get the gun off your hip, please check out our Shoulder Belt (sold separately) and the Ammunition Screw-On Loops (sold separately).

Type of Attachment The belt loop attachment consists of two directional snaps which adds a layer of security. These snaps are designed to hold up to excessive force and are designed to only go on in one direction and off in the opposite direction. This allows for easy removal with an increased retention on your belt.
Material The hunting holsters are comprised of a 8oz leather exterior, and 8oz suede interior. This composition helps to retain the shape and provide some protection to the forearm. The suede interior is softer and reduces the chance of causing wear marks on your handgun. These holsters are not wet mold-able.
Retention These holsters are cut to dimensions of the Ruger Charger. Because genuine leather naturally stretches after use, all holsters are made snug in-order for your gun to properly fit after use.
Frame Size
Common Guns This holster is specifically designed for the Ruger Charger.
Carry Position On a hip belt up to 2 1/4" wide or on the Shoulder Belt as a cross draw holster.

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Ruger Charger

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